1. Conference on Surrogates, Humbugs and other Pseudo-Production Functions on the 50th Anniversary of 'The Surrogate Production Function'. A Symposium in Honour of Prof.Anwar Shaikh, ASSRU & Department of Economics, University of Trento,May 23, 2012.

  2. Conference on Economic Development in South,Southeast and East Asia: A Retrospective and Some ProspectsASSRU & Department of Economics, University of Trento,May 24-25, 2012.

  3. Workshop on Turing's Economics will be organised as a Special Session of the 4thWorld Congress of Social Simulation, to be held in Taipei, in September, 4-7, 2012.

Activities 2012 (Turing Centennial Year)

The year 2012 marks the birth centennial of Alan Turing. At least two Workshops are planned under the auspices of ASSRU, one in Trento and the other in Taipei. The proceedings of the Workshop will be published in a Special Issue of New Mathematics and Natural Computation, under the Guest Editorship of Shu-Heng Chen, Vela Velupillai and Stefano Zambelli. The broad heading under which the Workshops will be organised is: Turing's Economics. The envisaged structure of the two Workshops is as follows:

For now the concentration of Turing's Economics will be on six aspects of his pioneering works:

  1. Solvable and Unsolvable Problems and its relations also to Herbert Simon's work with Newell;

  2. Morphogeneis modelling and the Emergent Nonlinear Dynamics;

  3. Computability, especially the roles of the Church-Turing Thesis and the Unsolvability of the Halting Problem for Turing Machines;

  4. Robin Gandy's Turing-inspired fascinating and much-neglected work on 'Limitations of Mechanisms';

  5. Modelling Endogenous Growth with Turing Machine formalisms;

  6. Varieties of Theories of Complexity, with special emphasis on Computational and Algorithmic Complexity Theories with their respective foundations in classical computability theory.