Editorial Activities 2011


  1. A Special Issue of Vol. XXV, #1, of The Journal of Economic Surveys on the topic of: Nonlinearity, Randomness and Complexity will be edited by Stefano Zambelli. This Special Issue will also be published as a book by Blackwell Publishers in 2012. The Special Issue collects together the Proceedings of a Conference with the same title held under the auspices of ASSRU, in Trento, in October, 2009.

  2. A Special Issue of Economia Politica, Vol. XXVIII, will be edited by Vela Velupillai, Giovanni Pegoretti and Stefano Zambelli.

  3. The book, Elgar Companion to Computable Economics, edited by K. Vela Velupillai, Stefano Zambelli and Stephen Kinsella, will be published by Edward Elgar Publishing in 2011.