External Conferences/Academic Visits/Memberships


  1. Professor Vela Velupillai was an invited speaker at the Cambridge Journal of Economics conference to celebrate the 80th birthday of Professor Geoff Harcourt, June, 25/26, 2011. click

  2. Professor Vela Velupillai gave a seminar, on March, 31, 2011, on 'Epistemological Aspects of Economic Science', at the Interdepartmental Research Centre in Epistemology and History of Science "Federigo Enriques" of the University of Bologna (CIRESS). The title of his seminar was: The Epistemology of Computation in Economics. click

  3. Professor Stefano Zambelli is invited to give a seminar at the department of economics, University of Limerick, Ireland, during the Spring Term, 2011.

  4. Professor Vela Velupillai is a Member of the Alan Turing Centenary Year Committee (see: